Executive Message

EACH Pakistan has now completed its 10 years of service. Registered in 2006, EACH has attained its height of glory by working the underprivileged communities in our society.
EACH Pakistan started its journey as a solo flight in the 1995 when my father late Mr. Shamun, realizing that there is a healthy percentage of children who wish to go study, to school and attain their goals with the knowledge they attain from school life and utilize in their practical life. May it be further studies in college or practical life after getting a job to support their families. He had the spirit of working for the needy and thus gathered some school dropouts under the roof of his house which was later shifted in a small building as a recognized school by the name “Universal Muslim Primary School”, in a locality known as Masoodabad, in Samanabad, Faisalabad. The same campus became the headquarter of EACH Pakistan in March 2006.

Inspired by the hard work and dedication of my father, my whole family decided to work for the betterment of the unprivileged, needy communities in different fields. Now I feel pride of being a CEO of an organization that hasEducation (Formal , Non – Formal), Livelihood, Health, Disaster Management, Women empowerment, other development programs and some Cross Cutting issues successfully running under the umbrella of EACH Pakistan; having its head office in Faisalabad and four regional offices in Abbottabad, Multan, Hyderabad, and Quetta.

For children EACH is supporting in their studies providing free book and uniform, Supporting the women by providing them different skills like handicraft making, Sewing, Cooking Classes,Mushroom Growth,Beautician courses, provision of Goats, Hens, Rabbits, Honey beesand kitchen gardening seeds to women in support of their livelihood activities.

EACH is also supporting the victims of disaster affected every year and providing Health services epically for Mother & Child care. EACH has always played an active role in Advocacy & Lobbying when and where the need be.

I acknowledge the hard work and dedication of my team in all the office across Pakistan for their dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm without it would not have been possible for me to establish a tiny school based organization into a vast growing institute.

I would also like to thank all the donors who stood by me and the organization in the noble cause of bringing the underprivileged community on to their feet to lead a dignified life.

God Bless us all.

Yours very humbly


Tahir Masood
Chief Executive