Advocacy & lobbing

The most affective tool to support ones notion in the present day world is Advocacy & lobbying. But let us first see what the difference is between the two,” Advocacy” and “Lobbying”.

Advocacy is the act of arguing in favor of something, such as a cause idea or policy – Raising your voice whileLobbying is any attempt to influence specific legislation.

Lobbying can be done in two ways:

Contacting or urging the public to contact policy makers for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or
By advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation.



Different Types of Lobbying:

  1. Grassroots lobbying: Any attempt to influence legislation by affecting the opinion of the general public. In this case the organization encourages the public to lobby. The organization refers to a specific piece of legislation and provides information to the public on how to contact decision makers. Under certain circumstances mass media ads are an example of grassroots lobbying.
    1. Direct lobbying: Any attempt to influence legislation through communication with any member or employee of a legislative body, or with any other government official who may participate in the formulation of legislation. A specific activity constitutes direct lobbying if:

    ü The principal purpose is to influence legislation,
    ü There is reference to a specific piece of legislation (even if the legislation is not currently under consideration)
    ü A point of view is expressed.

    Key differences between advocacy and lobbying

    1. There is no limit to the amount of non-lobbying advocacy your organization can do, while lobbying activities are restricted to a percentage of your operating budget.
    2. Lobbying involves attempts to influence specific legislation at the local, state, or federal level while advocacy is focused on educating about a specific issue.
    3. Lobbying makes up a small portion of the total amount of advocacy efforts by most nonprofits.

    EACH Pakistan has always been a part of Advocacy & Lobbying where ever it has felt of advocating a cause or need of the time. EACH Pakistan has always raised its Voice for the Welfare of the People, epically women’s Basic Rights  of Education, Health as well as Political Rights.