Capacity building & Knowledge Management

In line with the overall emphasis of EACH to provide capacity development on three levels (individual, organizational, and societal level) to improve the living conditions of the target groups, EACH also works on all the three levels within the sector Human Rights – Civil Society.

  • At individual level, EACH contributes to the empowerment of marginalized groups by awareness raising and information on rights, and to enforcing their rights by assisting and helping persons affected by human rights violations.
  • At organizational level, EACHcontributes to strengtheninternal organizational capacity building (within staff)and exchanges among partners and via the technical advisor programme helps in the organizational development of partner organizations in networking.
  • At societal level, EACH contributes to
  • improving political participation via training/coaching of individuals for leadership and political participation
  • fighting human rights violations by trainings in human rights
  • supporting actions of advocacy and lobbying for human rights to improve the strive for good governance and the legislation in accordance with the human rights
  • bringing topics on human rights to the media and the public.

On all three levels, and as this is a general aim of the knowledge management programme of EACH, experiences, instruments, and methods/good practices from partner organizations are identified, processed and shared for the benefit of other partner organizations in the KNOW-EACH network.