Human rights

In this sector, EACH contributes to defending the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups like women, children/youth, indigenous people and disadvantaged rural population, and strengthens civil society organizations so that they can be actors for change towards more justice in their societies. More concretely, EACH’s objectives are the following:

  1. EACH contributes to the empowerment and participation of the target groups of the sector (women, children/youth, disadvantaged rural population/indigenous people), for example by striving for a better representation of these groups in municipalities and other governmental bodies.
  2. EACH and its partner organizations address human rights violations (in land rights, women’s rights, children’s rights), and thus contribute to abiding human rights, and to fighting human rights violations.
  3. EACH and its partner organizations strive for a better legal basis for human rights and for a higher available budget for the concerns of the target groups.
  4. EACH contributes to the networking and sustainable strengthening of partner organizations.