Primary Health

EACH Objectives for Community Health:

EACH, Faisalabad Pakistan promotes Health Consciousness among the poor communities, plans to provide basic preventive and curative health care services for the most important health issues and diseases HIV AIDs, cholera, Hepatitis A, B, C, Malaria, tuberculosis   which results due to poverty and lack of awareness. EACH established dispensaries and medical camps for the provision of medical services and an essential medicine.

EACH Pakistan is determined to work with such communities and provide better health to human beings in general

EACH s’ health objectives are:

  • Launch community based awareness campaign to prevent diseases  
  • Inform communities about primary health care
  • Organize medical camps at community level and during emergencies
  • Provide material to Community based Mother and child Care centers.
  • Train Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA) at grass root level.
  • Building spaces for community based dispensaries.