EACH took initiative in 1995 with start of community based primary school at grass root level. EACH is working hard to uplift the community by providing the Education especially to girls at grass root level. We trust that our community organization method is helping the communities to aware how much girls education is important for a successful Nation. EACH is providing bags, books and uniform to the students free of cost.

EACH is providing non formal education to girls in the field of Tailoring/Sewing, Beautician courses, and Handicraft that aims to their skills development that will support them in becoming a helping hand for their families by using their skills for income generation.

Formal Education objectives:

  • Establish educational setup for oppressed, marginalized and poor children at grass root level.
  • Provide learning space to working children, especially for girls.
  • Train teachers and manage refreshers courses.
  • Create space for community based schools.
  • Improve monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Strengthen community based education at grass root level.
  • Create environment for sports and recreational activities.
  • Non formal Education objectives

    • Building adult education center for girls and women.
    • Provide learning skill opportunity at community level.
    • Build space for computer, handicraft making, beautician and sewing centers for girls at grass root.
    • Reducing poverty by providing professional/ technical l trainings.
    • Empower girls to empower future nation

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