We bread confidence
Through Education

Healthy lives,
Healthy people

We are ready

Is a human right!

Empowered Women,
Empowered Family

Gender is a Human Issue,
It affects us all

We love Universe
By loving animals

Education Awareness & Community Health (EACH)

Vision : A World where the Live beings have a better place to live, they enjoy their right of education, nourished properly to maintain their health and recreation.
We are:

Being a developmental and Non-profitable organization we focus on helping and encouraging children as well the females to take proper care of the children with from all aspects special reference to health, education and nutrition of the children. While working in our target areas irrespective of their Creed, Caste and Sect.

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Cross Cutting Issues

Gender Equality

Starting from this objective, EACH is working towards four sub-goals:

EACH Pakistan believes that in gender equality policy “Women and men are to have the same power to shape society and their own lives”..


Human Rights

In this sector, EACH contributes to defending the rights of vulnerable ...

children/youth, indigenous people and disadvantaged rural population, and strengthens civil society organizations so ......



Advocacy & lobbing

The most affective tool to support ones notion in the present day world is Advocacy & lobbying. But let us first see what the difference is between the two,” Advocacy” and “Lobbying”.


Peace Building

Peace Building and Interfaith Harmony

Pakistan is suffering with war and terror from last three decades. Extremism is growing very rapidly in the society.With the current situation of the country, at the national level, with all the riots ....

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